10 Things Your Pet Loves About You That Will Make You Smile

Dogs and cats may not be able to tell us in English exactly how much they love us, but don’t worry—they show their affection in ways we can understand and appreciate. If you’ve been wondering if your pet loves you, here are 10 things your pet will do that prove it’s true!

1 He can trust you

He can trust you to be his loving companion, friend, and protector. He trusts you to take care of him when he is sick and to comfort him when he is lonely. He trusts that you will never hurt him intentionally and that if there are any accidents it was just an accident. He knows that you would do anything for him because in return, he would do anything for you.

2 You keep him safe

Your pet trusts you to keep him safe. Even when he gets out of the yard, you’re the one who will go find him and make sure he’s okay. He knows that you’ll take care of him, even if it means scouring every inch of town for hours on end. It makes his life so much better knowing that he can always count on you to be there for him.

3 He knows you love him

He knows you love him, and he does everything he can to show you. He wags his tail when you walk into the room and jumps with excitement when you call his name. He’ll even let you rub behind his ears and scratch under his chin just how he likes it. But all of this is because he knows that when it’s time for bed, he can crawl up on the sofa with you or lay down in front of the TV for some quality cuddle time.

4 He trusts you’ll feed him

He trusts you’ll feed him
It’s hard to believe that a creature with four stomachs could be so sensitive about food, but your pet is. Most animals view their owner as the provider of food and shelter. He trusts you’ll provide for him and give him what he needs to stay happy and healthy.

5 He likes your company

He likes you because you’re the one that feeds him, pets him, and plays with him.
He doesn’t have to worry about being alone anymore because he has you! You take the time to make sure he’s happy and healthy.

6 He likes his routines

Every day, you take your pet for a walk to the same park, give him his favorite toy to play with, sit down and watch TV together. He loves these routines because it makes him feel safe and content. It’s also great that he has someone who will always be there for him!

7 It smells like home with you around

It smells like home with you around
Pets need a sense of home and security, which you provide for them every day. They may not know the word home or the word security, but they know these things when they feel them. Whether it’s an emotional feeling or a physical place, your pet knows that you’re helping to create the environment they need to be content.

8 His place feels comfortable to him because of your presence

The most important thing you can do to make your pet feel comfortable in his new environment is to spend time with him. This helps him know that he has a loving home and someone who cares about him. It also gives you an opportunity to bond with your pet and make sure that he’s adjusting well.

9 He depends on you to take care of his health

He depends on you to take care of his health. If your pet is a dog, he will appreciate it when you brush and comb him to keep his coat soft and clean. If he’s a cat, he’ll like it when you give him a bath as long as you don’t get water in his ears. And if he’s an animal, like a horse or cow, he’ll be grateful that you’re taking care of him by keeping him free from disease and infection.

10 Finally, he can relax when he is with you

Your pet will be more at ease when he is around you. He will know that you are there to take care of him, and all the stress in his life will melt away when he has you by his side. His eyes will light up with delight as he snuggles against your leg, taking a nap.

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