The Top 10 Weirdest Wild Animals You Can Keep as Pets

There are many wild animals you can keep as pets, but some are just so odd and strange that they’re not even legal in some states or countries, such as the raccoon or skunk! That doesn’t mean that you can’t have one, however; if you really want one of these weirdo pets, you just might be able to sneak it into your apartment, home, or wherever you live. Check out our list of the top 10 most unusual pets, below!

1) Tarantula

Tarantulas are one of the most popular pets and can often be found at pet stores. They are easy to care for, but you will need a large enclosure. Tarantulas eat bugs, so you’ll need to feed them live crickets or other insects on a regular basis.
As with any pet, tarantulas require a lot of care and attention. If they don’t get enough water and food, they can become very sick and die.

2) Slow Loris

Slow Loris are tree-dwelling primates found in Southeast Asia, India, and Sri Lanka. This creature is often classified as vulnerable by the IUCN Red List due to habitat loss. They live up to 20 years and measure about eight inches long and weigh around two pounds. The Slow Loris is a nocturnal animal with a round head and small eyes that close when they sleep. They have brown fur on their backside with lighter fur on their underside.

3) Sugar Glider

Sugar gliders are a marsupial native to Australia and New Guinea, meaning that they carry their young in a pouch like kangaroos and opossums. The sugar glider is the smallest of all gliding mammals, which allows it to live in trees despite its inability to fly. With long, sticky tongues that they use to eat insects and fruit, these little guys make for great pets.

4) Leopard Gecko

Leopard geckos are one of the more popular pet lizards. They are small, easy to care for and can live up to 20 years in captivity. They have no tail and they come in a variety of colors, making them an attractive choice. They are also active during the day time which makes them ideal pets for those with busy schedules.

5) Blue-Tongued Skink

Considered one of the most docile and easy to care for reptiles, Blue-Tongued Skinks are a great starter reptile. Blue-Tongued Skinks are shy and need time to warm up to new people. They have a life span of around 15 years, which is pretty long for an animal that is so easy to care for!

6) Salamander

Salamanders are a type of amphibian, meaning they live on land and in the water. They are found all over the world and come in many shapes and colors. With a lifespan of 15 to 20 years, they make great pets!

7) Western Hognose Snake

The Western Hognose Snake is a small snake native to the United States. It has light brown or beige skin with dark brown blotches, and it can grow up to three feet long. These snakes like to live in woodland areas or dry grasslands, so they’re rarely found near water sources. They’re also generally non-venomous and are unlikely to bite humans unless threatened. These snakes are mostly nocturnal animals who eat mice, lizards, frogs, insects and other invertebrates.

8) Hedgehog

One of the weirdest wild animals you can keep as a pet is a hedgehog. Hedgehogs are known for their large spines that they use to protect themselves from predators. They live in Africa, Asia, and Europe and are nocturnal so they are most active at night. A hedgehog typically weighs between one and three pounds.

9) Red-Eared Slider Turtle

One of the most popular pet turtles is the red-eared slider. They are a subspecies of the eastern turtle, which is found in freshwater habitats in North America. They grow to be between five and eight inches long when fully grown and make great pets for people living in small spaces. It is important to note that these turtles can live for more than 40 years so you’ll need to think about getting a large aquarium or outdoor enclosure if you want to keep them for an extended period of time.

10) African Bullfrog

African Bullfrogs are native to central Africa and are a perfect pet for those who live in warmer climates. They can grow up to 20 inches long and 15 pounds, so it’s important you have a large enough tank for them to swim in. African Bullfrogs can live up to ten years when cared for properly.

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