10 Birman Cat Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Birman cats are one of the most adorable breeds of cat you’ll ever see! With their large blue eyes, unique coloring and beautiful coat, they are quite the sight to behold. But how much do you really know about these lovely felines? Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about Birman cats and how they compare to other cat breeds in the world today.

1) They are long-haired, silky cats

The Birman is a long-haired, silky cat with markings similar to the Siamese. They have blue eyes and either a brown or cream body. The coat of the Birman is distinctive in that it appears to have been combed from head to tail, which gives them an elegant appearance. They are loving and loyal cats that are easy to care for and can live well into their 20s.

2) The same gene is responsible for their blue eyes

Their blue eyes are the result of a gene that is also responsible for lightening the fur on their face and tail, as well as giving them white paws.
The gene is called Piebald or P and it can either have a dominant (PP) or recessive (pp) allele. The Birman cat has two copies of the recessive, so they will always be white with blue eyes.

3) The breed was first discovered in Burma

Birman cats are a breed that was first discovered in Burma. They have been around for centuries, and were even worshiped as gods by the people of Burma. They are one of the few breeds that come in four different colors: cream, red, silver, and blue-cream. They are also one of the few breeds that come with four different types of fur: short hair, long hair, semi-long hair, and non-haired.

4) Birmans can have white, brown, black and red coats

The color of a Birman cat’s coat can depend on the colors of its parents. White or cream Birmans are born when both parents have white or cream coats, for example. Brown or red Birmans result from parents who have either brown or red coats.
Birmans are very intelligent and respond well to obedience training. They often enjoy following their owners around the house and will even bring them their slippers!

5) Birmans are highly intelligent animals

Birmans are a breed of cats known for their intelligence. In addition, they are a lot like dogs in the sense that they can be trained to walk on a leash or fetch things. They also enjoy playing with interactive toys and enjoy being around people.

6) Birmans need a lot of grooming from their owners

Birman cats are known for their long, silky coat. There is even a special grooming tool called a combing glove that helps remove mats and tangles from the fur. Unlike other breeds of cat that shed their fur, Birmans have a unique coat with no undercoat, which means they have less shedding. The downside to this is that they need more regular brushing to maintain their coat’s luster and keep it tangle-free.

7) Birmans are very sociable animals

Birman Cats are known for being very sociable animals. They love to be around people, and they get along with other cats and dogs. They love to play with children and other pets in the family. Birmans will even enjoy sitting on your lap while you pet them.

8) They often recognize their owners by voice alone

Birmans are one of the most vocal cat breeds, communicating with their humans through a range of vocalizations. They often recognize their owners by voice alone and will greet them at the door, waiting for pets and attention.

9) Their kittens are born pure white with blue eyes

Birman cats are known for their long, silky coats and blue eyes. Unlike other breeds, the kittens are born pure white with blue eyes. This is because they have a recessive gene that causes the fur to be white while they’re young. As they age, their coat turns brown or black and their eye color changes from blue to gold.

10) Birmans have been depicted in many movies, TV shows, cartoons and books

Birman cats have been depicted in many movies, TV shows, cartoons and books. The breed is a common pet among celebrities due to their gentle nature and intelligence. Birmans come in the four natural patterns: agouti, tabby, silver and shaded.

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