10 of the Strongest Animals in the Wild

All animals in the wild have strong survival instincts to ensure their own survival, but some are definitely stronger than others. While people tend to think of large, dangerous mammals when it comes to the strongest animals in the wild, there are plenty of other strong animals that can rival even the most powerful predators and may surprise you! These 10 of the strongest animals in the wild are not necessarily the largest or the most ferocious, but they all have incredible strength and power that helps them survive in their habitats and protect themselves from predators!

1) Gorilla

Gorillas are some of the strongest animals in the wild, and can lift up to 800 pounds. They also have a lot of stamina and can go for hours without breaking a sweat. Gorillas are great climbers, too, and can scale up to 30 feet with ease.

2) Elephant

The elephant has a large, round body that is supported by four column-like legs. The animal can weigh up to 8,000 pounds and live as long as 70 years. An elephant’s trunk has two functions: breathing and grasping. As an animal breathes, air travels up one nostril and down the other. The trunk acts like a hand to pick things up or carry them while walking on land or through water.

3) Rhinoceros

Rhinoceroses are mammals that make up the family Rhinocerotidae, and these animals are often referred to as rhinos. There are five extant species. The white rhino is found mostly in southern Africa, while the Indian or greater one is indigenous to India and Nepal. The black rhino can be found mostly in Southern and Eastern Africa, while the Sumatran rhino can be found mainly on Sumatra Island.

4) Bull Shark

Bull Sharks are one of the most dangerous animals you will come across. They have been known to attack people and are a very hostile animal. Bull Sharks live in warm water and tend to be found more often near shores where they can hunt for fish, turtles, sea snakes and other small animals that come close to shore. The Bull Shark is also considered one of the most aggressive sharks around because it is well-known for attacking things without warning.

5) Jaguar

The jaguar is one of the largest and most powerful cats. This large cat lives in North and South America and has a wide range, living from southern Arizona to Argentina. Jaguars are solitary animals, but when females have cubs they will stay together for about two years. They do not live with their cubs or other relatives though. Jaguars hunt at night and sleep during the day.

6) Koi Fish

Koi fish are large, colorful carp often kept for ornamental purposes in outdoor ponds. They are a popular choice for small to medium-sized ponds, given their size and adaptability to a wide range of water conditions. Koi fish have been selectively bred over centuries to give them their characteristic colors and markings.
The average koi is about 12 inches long, but can grow up to 4 feet in length, weighing as much as 50 pounds.

7) Bear

Brown bears are among the most powerful animals in the world. They’re capable of tearing down trees, can run up to 40 miles per hour and have a jaw that can bite through steel. The only animal which may be stronger is their polar bear cousins. This means that if you come across one, you should do your best to avoid it. When brown bears attack humans, they usually don’t kill them but instead knock them out or tear off their arms.

8) Whale Shark

The whale shark is one of the largest fish on earth. It can grow to be up to 40 feet long and weigh approximately 45,000 pounds. Whale sharks are filter feeders and eat tiny animals like plankton and krill by straining them from water with their gills. They have been around for more than 120 million years, making them one of the oldest species on earth.

9) Stag Beetle

Stag beetles are some of the strongest animals on the planet and can even lift up to 850 times their own weight. This makes it one of the strongest insects around, with a power output that rivals that of an average human. The strength behind these powerful muscles comes from their exoskeleton, which is rigid enough for heavy lifting.

10) Cockroach

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests that can be found indoors. This is because they’re able to adapt to almost any type of environment, so no matter how clean you keep your home, it’s possible for them to live there too. They feed on decaying organic matter and can carry disease, which is why pest control is important. They’re often considered disgusting but when it comes down to it, cockroaches are just doing what they need to do in order to survive.

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